Friday, 8 September 2017

If you’re from a small country and are trying to make it to the world stage of surfing, then look no further than ‘The Way’. It tells the story of a handful of surfers from New Zealand who have made surfing their lives and careers. It all started when an old surfboard washed ashore in Nelson, New Zealand.

The board was refurbished and it turned out it was shaped by legendary shaper Peter Way, New Zealand’s first ever national champion in 1963. Peter was known for his antics in and out of the water, but it was his mark on surfboard shaping, competitive surfing and surf lifestyle that has influenced a world of generations of surfers who have come after him. 

Current pros Paige Hareb, Billy Stairmand and Ricardo Christie weigh in on what has driven them to success and also hard times. Maz Quinn takes us through becoming the first ever Kiwi to make the world tour of surfing and we’re taken on a journey through the north island of New Zealand to return the old board to the man who made it, Peter Way.

Release Date: Late 2017
Starring: Peter Way, Maz Quinn, Paige Hareb, Billy Stairmand, Ricardo Christie and Luke Cederman
Production Companies: Stone Soup Production and Greenroom Productions
Writer/Director: Luke Cameron
Producers: Daniel Hailstone, Chris Kirkham and Ben Winmill
Cinematography: Damon Meade, Chris Kirkham, Sam Chaterjee and Billy Lee Pope

‘The Way’ will be screening at film festivals starting in November through March, it will be playing in each city/town it was shot in as well before this so stay tuned to the film's Facebook page and website for those dates.
After this it will go online.

If you’d like any other information, or would like get involved with the film in any way, contact Luke or Daniel:

Luke Cameron:
Daniel Hailstone:


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