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Monday, 7 August 2017

You may or may not know it, but the last few years have seen the emergence of new, innovative and independent Australian surf brands producing all sorts of homegrown riding equipment, apparel and accessories.

Surfboards, handplanes, wetties and fins, to eyewear, jewellery and art, fresh local options are available now for surfers and salty types of all ages – for any who care to look.

Surf Collective is an online stable of seventy-plus independent brands, and they’ve done those hard yards already by assembling a family of Australian producers that offer a unique range of original wares for riders, whompers and beach-lovers.



It’s amazing how much fashion has to do with surfing. We buy signature boardshorts because our idols wear them. And maybe forking out a small fortune for these boardshorts will make our barrels a little longer, our rail game a little stronger, our airs a little bigger. I mean, even Kelly Slater has a clothing label now. But with such large conglomerates owning most of the surfing community, it’s no wonder that fashion is becoming unfashionable.

There’s been resurgence of late towards a more independent line of thinking, conscious consumerism, something that’s seen in the popularity of local farmers’ markets and desire to locate actually-Australian-made products. And in terms of surfing, it seems consumers are opting for small, independent businesses that represent lifestyle instead of industry, culture instead of corporation.

It’s called Surf Collective, a platform for truly independent producers of quality Australian surf gear. Co-founders Mark and Andrew Ranucci noticed the trend and decided to bring these independent brands together, the ones who collaborate with the ocean, surfing and the culture it represents.

This culture is the essence of surfing, and for Mark, “It was always about the product back then. It was about looking good wearing something made by a cool company in Torquay without the brand name all over the product,” he says. “It was about being involved in surfing and enjoying the surf lifestyle . . . including the Sandman Panel Van!”

These two brothers from the Northern Beaches and Central Coast of Sydney are capturing the essence and root of our surfing community by establishing an online marketplace. Surf Collective is not only a platform for showcasing products but a concept that transforms the buyer/seller experience. There are no secrets. The producers, the goods, their inspirations, motives and values are all made known to the customer which in turn encourages a marketplace driven by honesty and authenticity. 

Mark and Andrew have found unique Australian products and placed them on the Surf Collective website. And alongside these products are the stories of these boutique Australian creators to introduce a connection between the buyer and seller. There’s your usual surf stuff like boardshorts and rashies. There are also beach blankets, hammocks, surf accessories, DVD’s, books and art making Surf Collective a cultural platform as well as an online store.    

Mark and Andrew are hoping to allow the smaller brands featured on Surf Collective the opportunity to make a living from what they love doing. “Most are doing it part-time at present,” Mark says. “We are making it easier for people that want to support these small businesses and for those who want to wear or use something unique.” And looking to the future, Mark’s hoping this backing can extend beyond Australia’s borders, “We would love to create some off-season income for our collective by trying to enter countries in the northern hemisphere,” he says.

It really comes down to one big cycle of support and Mark and Andrew at Surf Collective are supporting small business the way consumers should too.

Support creative Australian independents


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