Transition boards: trackers, s-decks, double-enders, remnants of longboards – a bit of a mish-mash as 1968/69 was. A frame from After Cook

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Narrated by John Mellion and directed by Donald Murray for the Commonwealth Film Unit in 1969, this is a great piece of work. And a trip!If you can find 47 minutes check out the whole thing, or you can fast forward to the surfing towards the end.

Says the description with the film: "A survey of everyday life throughout Australia, emphasising the outdoor and rural element contrasted with modern, urban living and culture. A look at the Australian people, their character, attitudes and way of life."

This was rooted out from the bowels of some dusty museum by PLB's unpaid Archive Detective Ian Lording, who added:
"I found an absolute cracker of a film called "After Cook", shot around 1968. It has everything but the kitchen sink, including about three minutes of surfing on the north coast Byron/Ballina I think, pure gold. John Mellion does the narrating as only he can."

Our advice, and you won't be sorry, find the time and watch the whole thing  RIGHT HERE


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