Q: How do you find the general vibe when you paddle out a longboard on the North Shore?

The general vibe for me is all good. I grew up around all the shortboarders and longboarders who live here. And most of the shortboarders used to enter the longboard meets as grommets. They're all my friends. You just gotta' pay your dues, show ALOHA and its all good.

What do you do in your free time when not surfing?

Q: I've really been getting into fishing. I did a lot of freshwater bass fishing in Japan and I found a sick spot where I can do it at home. Ocean fishing is still fun though, its good to change it up.

Q: Best wave and worst wave you've caught in Hawaii?

The best wave is any big barrel I get at Pipe or Backdoor. Those are mental.
The worst would have to be when you blow it on one, haha!

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