Q: Where do you live? Favorite break?
Laguna Beach CA. My local is San O’ but my favorite place to surf would have to be Indo.

Q: What's in your quiver and what do you ride most often?
Pretty much all Dewey Webber Surfboards, as I’m sponsored by them - 5'8 Swish - 6'2 Quad - 7'0 Singlefin - 9'0 Slapper - 9'2 Slapper Singlefin - 9'4 Planer single fin and many more on the side yard. My lady calls it ‘the grave yard’ I ride my 9'4 Planer the most - it’s my new signature model. I used to roll the HP 3 fin all the time but I've gone back to my roots of logging.

Q: Worst surf trip you've ever done?
I would have to say Florida was the worst ‘surf’ trip ever. Expensive flights - butt slammed on board fees - stormy weather - FLAT! Oh and I went down first round to a 12 year old kid doing spinners. But definitely one of the best party trips - Yeah underage drinking at Pineapple Point!

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